Uncle Buddy is probably the craziest uncle around, but his BBQ sauce is as authentic as his Canadian accent.  He has traveled the roads from Winnipeg to Mexico, but we’re glad he’s finally settled.  Uncle Buddy spends most of his time in the kitchen these days perfecting his trade and pondering whether or not to go back on tour with The Guess Who.   Sometimes we ask him if he ever thinks about heading home, he says, “Once you find something good, you don’t walk away from it.”  Which is exactly how we feel about his sauce.
At Uncle Buddy’s BBQ we aim to achieve unique flavors with our delicious BBQ sauces and condiments.  We were awarded honorable mention in the 2015 Orange County, CA Fair BBQ sauce taste testing.  In addition to providing delicious flavors, we will always use natural ingredients, source from local providers whenever possible, and keep our condiments MSG free, preservative free, and gluten free.  Uncle Buddy’s BBQ is on a mission to provide dedicated BBQ enthusiasts, as well as the novice, with the highest quality BBQ condiments.